Продажа замка в Хорватии
ID 7013
143 068 000 руб.
  • Адрес: 2, 2
  • Район:
  • Тип объекта: Замок
  • Этаж / этажность: /
  • Площадь: 1301, м2
  • Комнат / спален: /
  • Метражи комнат: , м2
  • Метраж кухни: , м2
  • Количество СУ:
Описание объекта

Castle in Croatia,


Castle area: 1301.53sq.m

Site area: 113.117sq.m with a forest

Location: inland, close to the spa

Year Built: 1904

Basement: 183.50 gross area, the gross volume of 550.50, 128.45 net usable area

Ground floor: 987.00 gross area, the gross volume of 4085.50, 691.05 net usable area

First floor: 498.00 gross area, the gross volume of 2042.00, 348.30 net usable area

Second floor: 151.00 gross area, the gross volume of 619.00, 105.64 net usable area

Third floor tower: 40.00 gross area, the gross volume of 60.00, 28.09 net usable area

Total: 1859.50 gross area, the gross volume of 7357.00, 1301.53 net usable area

Project Castle was designed by the Hungarian architect for the widow of the owner of the property Tukory Alajosza families royalty Tukory intended for occasional hunting season during summer and winter.

A lavish castle that stands out with complex floor plans, different heights of the roof and lots of decorations in the spirit of historicism with the use of elements of Art Nouveau

This castle is the perfect opportunity for those who recognize its historic value and want to feel very special, like a royalty


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Мебель: меблирована; антикварная;
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